Whew! It seems that now that I am expecting I am more prone to write posts!

Here's a summary of this situation :P (inspired by The HoneyBee blog)

How far: 18 weeks, 4 days.
Gender: boy!
Cravings: I find myself craving olives and other salty things and fruits. I actually have the opposite of cravings too. Like for example, I don't crave sweets that much. I have a frozen pizza in the freezer that 4 months ago I would have devoured but every time I consider baking it I don't really feel like it.

Huge craving, chips and guacamole. I make a pretty good one!

Sleeping: I wake up several time a night to pee and I do find sleeping a little bit uncomfortable now that the belly is growing.
Facts: I gained a good amount of pounds but even though I am pretty open about almost everything I don't want to share this yet.
I am feeling the baby move!

First baby bump pic the day we found out I was pregnant so... 4 weeks? 

To summarize the previous months, let me tell you that I went through really bad all day nausea. I didn't think it could be this hard! Feeling nauseous several times a day is very exhausting especially if you're at work and have to perform to a certain rhythm. Luckily, that's over!

Second baby bump pic at around 6-7 weeks. 

He looked like this: 
Fatigue was another huge factor! When some women said they were always tired when pregnant I always though they were lying or finding an excuse not to do their obligations. But NO! Fatigue is real!!! I would come from work wanting to throw up and go to bed to sleep. Before I got pregnant I was doing HIIT every single day and I wanted to continue after, but I just couldn't. Then, after some unusual symptoms my Dr told me not to exercise at all, which helped my weight gain as well.

This is Katie at Meagan's baby shower.

The good thing about being pregnant right now (besides the obvious) is that a lot of my friends are pregnant  Katie is pregnant with her first (a girl), Lacey is pregnant with her second (a girl) and my sister in law is pregnant with her first (a boy!). Also, Meagan and Melanie are both pregnant too! Meagan is a week away from her due date! Melanie is having a second boy. Baby M will have many play buddies! How awesome is for your kid to already have friends before they're born.

I had those friends too, I grew up with 4-5 kids that my parents were friends with their parents and most of them are parents now! I would love Baby M to be close friends with my friends' kids because all of the people I mentioned above are God loving people.

I started reading a couple of books on sleeping schedule and breastfeeding recommended by people I trust and they've been very informative.

This is a before an after of my hair cut around 16 weeks (which I slightly regret)

I have already started planning my registry and having fun with that. Speaking of items to buy... how overwhelming can it be to realize how much money a baby means! After a few times of opening my eyes widely I decided to give everything to God and trust him because we're in his hands and he will provide and take care of us. Another thing I discovered from reading tons and tons of blogs and articles about baby registries is that YOU DON'T NEED EVERYTHING THAT IS SOLD AT THE STORES.
On my next post I will share with you what I am putting on my registry and if you're a mom, you can tell me whether is a good idea or not.
Latest photo up close of baby bump around 17 weeks

Another thing I'd like to share is that so far I've felt so loved and blessed by everyone around me. Two of my best friends offered to throw me a shower and as my awesome mother in law had already offered they will join her to make a one big shower. I am so honored!

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