Letter to my boy or my girl, before I know which one you are.

Hi, I'm your momma, Lucia. I got to see you today and I confirm the suspicion I had: you are a kicker! Someone said there might be a Leo Messi on the works and I got to see how you like to move inside of me! You were also moving your arms so much! I seems my belly is not big enough inside for you, but believe, I am big enough!
I hope you're comfortable inside of me, growing and developing all your organs, but not too comfortable because I can't wait to meet you.

Today the Dr was able to see whether you're a boy or a girl. I really don't have a preference. I will love you either way and I will do my best with your daddy and God's help to raise you as a warrior for God, as a man or woman who values and respects God's Word.

If you are a boy, you will have a great role model as a man in your dad: a hardworking, sweet, dedicated, wise, caring and loving father and I hope you want to follow his example, I hope you copy him because your daddy is a good man who loves and fears God and I think that if you become like him (not the same in everything, but having those characteristics) you will make a woman very happy one day.

If you're a girl, I will dedicate my life to change all the things I need to change to give you the best role model you can have. I had a great role model in my mom, being a loving, understanding, God loving, fun, dedicated and creative woman, and if I am even a little close to what my mom is, I will be happy. I will rely on God to fill those empty spaces I might be able to give you, but I will love you and teach you God's word to become a Proverbs 31 woman. I am working myself to become that woman, and I hope that growth doesn't stop, even when I have to bring you up to be her as well. And I pray one day you can find a man as loving and godly as your dad and make him happy.

We will love you, discipline you because we love you, and raise you to be an independent and functional person in society ready and equipped to do God's work. That is our promise today.


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Amelie P. said...

Awww I loved this letter! :) This is such a sweet idea :)