Affordable Pregnancy outfit

I wore this outfit when I wasn't pregnant and it gave me a lot of facebook "likes". My friends loved it!

And as no one wants to spend a lot of money to dress for only 9 months - maybe the ones who are really loaded can, but not me- it's good to recycle those items we already have.

Look at me all skinny minny!!
Here I was wearing some beautiful nude pumps I got at Ross (Steve Madden) for 17.99. 

You'll be surprised to know that in the photo below I am wearing nude wedges I found at Ross for 17.99! Gotta love that place. 

Side note: anynone wanna volunteer as my photographer? I apologize for the poor lighting.

 Instead of the black denim pants from Forever 21 ($10.50) I am wearing instead some back maternity jeans from Ross for $12.99.

The beige cardigan was purchased for $5 at Nordstrom's rack, the same with the pink blouse (12.99).

Not too much to say these days, going camping this weekend! It will probably be the last until the baby is old enough to come with us or to stay with Nana.


María José y Josefina said...

Veo estos precios y lloro! :P

Amo tus zapatos nude!!

Lula said...

ya vas a poder comprar en NY! Seguí mis recomendaciones de lugares para comprar porque NY en sí es caro!