Creating a baby registry

I have been reading a LOT of blogs about how to be smart at the moment of making a Baby Registry and what to buy for the baby. There's a difference between what you really need and what you don't when it comes to buying Baby stuff. The first thing I did when I realized how many things parents seemed to need was feel desperate. All our savings on baby stuff!!! But fear not, there is a solution.

I think that going through those blogs and articles really helped me at the time I entered Babies R us or Buy Buy Baby. I felt they weren't going to be able to sell me anything I already knew wasn't a necessity.

I got this idea from The Honey Bee (I love this blog!) Visit it and let me know. The moment Andee Layne got pregnant she started posting all her discoveries and lifestyle and it really helped and inspired a lot of young women.

So I copied the layout idea to show you what I have been putting on my registry.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I found this site Baby List. It's amazing! You can consolidate several baby registries in one site, so if you like products or prices from different sites, you can put it all in one list, Baby List! If you already have registries created, they will do the work of pulling it off in one (and no, I don't get paid for endorsements).

(Note: I must have done something wrong when I saved this layout because when I went back I couldn't get the html code so you can click on each product and go there but this is the link to see it directly from shop style

Now on to what I have here, the first two products are a rocker and a bouncer. I don't know if I am keeping both in there yet. I want my momma friends to recommend which one is better. The same with the swing. I think I'd like to have a swing because I know a lot of babies love it, but as far as the rocker and the bouncer I am still not sure, do you have a preference?

The third item from the left that you see is a play mat or play gym. There is another one down below and I am still deciding which one is better, or more practical.

Fifth item, the one in the center, is a walker. I think it's a really good buy, my siblings and nephews loved it growing up but I've also heard bad things about it regarding the balance and motors skills development of the child.

Pack and Play: I think this one is a very practical one. I chose an inexpensive one. It's not the same kind my brother used to spend hours in, the one he had has bigger and sturdier but he loved it when he was a pre toddler. He had all his toys there and my mom was able to do things around the house. This one I am showing is good to pack and take to other places as well.

In the bottom line we have the sound machine. People swear on these things but my hubby thinks that if we get an air purifier it will create the white noise effect anyway.

Last, a frog humidifier.

Question: Do you need the three Bouncer, Rocker and Swing?

Let me know if you recommend any brand/product in particular, I would love your input!


K said...

We have the swing and a bouncer and so far Colin loves both. They're different enough - the swinging motion and the vibrating - so I don't feel it's duplicative at all. Plus, the bouncer can move all around. I put it in the bathroom while I'm showering and getting ready for the day.

Jessica said...

Things that we found were/are helpful and necessary not in any particular order: crib, stroller, carrier like Ergo, pack n play(can be used as a bassinet, a place to safely put baby to play, and love it even more now that's she's older!) sound machine, diapers, clothes, bottles, pump.