Out and about: Fallbrook weekend getaway

A few weekends ago our small group organized a weekend getaway (we're all couples) to Fallbrook, CA, the home town of our group leaders Rob and Kristin, with the ocassion of the "Avocado festival" on Sunday.
We started off the day with some of our friends chilling at the beach in Oceanside and headed shortly after to a restaurant in Fallbrook and Kristin's favorite called "El Jardín". I got stuffed on chips and salsa, as usual and when the Burrito came I could barely put it in. Weird thing of my pregnancy, other times I would devour anything, now I get full faster but I still manage to gain weight. I ordered, after Kristin recommendation, the Sour Cream Burrito, which I liked a lot, but found very heavy on the sour cream. The beans where oddly delicious. My husband got the chimichanga, which looked really good as well.

After that we headed to Kristin's folks' place (a huge house on the hill overlooking an amazing view) where two of the couples would sleep in, to enjoy some time in the spa and the fire pit doing s'mores.

I put only my legs in because when you're preggers you should avoid raising your core temp but we had a great time with friends. Then we sat around the fire pit, toasted marshmallows, made s'mores and sang worship songs. It was great.

We split to spend the night at Rob's and K's parent's houses and in the morning those who have slept at Kristin's parents' house drove to Rob's for ommeletes made by Trey, Anna's husband. Like everything Trey cooks, they were amazing. We watched our church service online all together and after that headed to the Avocado Festival!

My real friends, told you!

It was extremely hot but we enjoyed it. For you to have an idea, is a city fair where all the local business show their merchandise and of course there are avocado stands. Yum! I was so hot that all I consumed were lemonades. But my friends had some interesting options. It was really fun!

Taking a much needed rest in the shade.

 We thought: why not buy a classic car?

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