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This is more of a culinary post.

When I lived in LA I went to the Grand Casino because my dad had recommended it adamantly all the time. It was his hang out spot when he was here. It's a café/restaurant owned by Argentines but I didn't remember it having such good food! It has an eating area with outside seating (the inside looks very cool) and a bakery/counter area where you can get a lot of Argeninean style bakery goods and some other products imported from there.
I had been looking for an opportunity to go but being that is located in Culver City I had been lazy to drive all the way there from OC. Not to mention there's almost no way to make my husband drive that far for food. Perhaps if he knew how good it was... Hmmm maybe.

I took the opportunity my former colleague Silvana lives in Marina del Rey to meet up with her a Saturday morning. Of curse, I forgot to take a pic with her (you'll see in a next post I went to a restaurant and took pics with my friends and not of the food).

 I ordered the beef milanesa, that was yummy!
 Silvana ordered the entraña with veggie kabobs that also looked to die for. 
 and I accompanied my milanesa with this garlic and parsley fries that were amazing! (there might have been some parmesan in there too)

Me and my hubby went to Bruxie twice in the last couple of months. Once with our friends Lacey and Bryan and another time with Spencer and Rebekah. Bruxies is known for their waffle sandwiches. The first time I ordered a tuna one that was delish and my husband an eggs and bacon one. The dessert one was amazing too: a waffle made with powdered sugar, topped with custard ice cream, whipping cream, peanuts and chocolate sauce. Ehmmm super light. I had eyed the waffle Lacey and Bryan had ordered: a pulled pork with bbq sauce one. So the second time we went with Spencer and Rebekah I looked forward to that one but realized it was a seasonal one! They offered me another pork one but it wasn't the same :( It's still a great place to go. The first one we went to has indoor seating but the second one is outdoor seating only. I didn't have a problem with that because they have space heaters but I couldn't see the food and I think that had a lot to do with how it tasted!
Picture of the Bruxie is Orange, CA. Of course, no pic of my friends. So you don't really have to believe I have actual friends. But take my word for it.

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