Out and about -Part 4 - Babies and food

Two outings and pictures with babies.

One of the times I met with one of my many imaginary friends was at an Argentinean restaurant in Westminster, CA (Or Garden Grove, depending on the day).

But this time I got lucky, I have a real friend!

I went with MaryAnne, one of my best friends and her daughter Madeleine.

I ordered the chicken milanesa sandwich and we both shared some fries. She ordered 3 empanadas and we both loved the food. It is different than the Grand Casino. The latter is more comercial, has more of an American and LA feel, when Regina's is more mom and pops shop that has a lot of Hispanics go there to eat some food from home. Actually, when they changed owners, a Peruvian couple took over and they included some Peruvian dishes. I haven't had them there but I had Peruvian food somewhere else and it's delicious!

The owners at Regina's are very sweet and friendly! Check out the place if you're in the area.

 This is me with baby Maddie. 

 This is MaryAnne with her baby. Why didn't we take a pic the three toghether? Because I have issues. 

We also went to my friend's Kelly's birthday and used her son as a prop to look good as potential parents. 
 Looks good on the hubs, right? But let's be honest, what doesn't look good on him?

Baby Ryder was totally over us practicing with him.

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