Pregnancy fashion

A new outfit:

I went  to Ross with MaryAnne to buy some maternity jeans and I have to say, I found two good options but I was unpleasantly surprised to barely fit into an XL... is that possible? I bought an XL and an L and they both fit the same so I am thinking the XL is marked wrong...

 This is the Large size pair of jeans I bought. I forgot to take a pic of the back pockets, that have a cute design. (I will next time). Before I took this pic I was wearing some black sandals with some heal but I gave up and forgot to put them back. (Many excuses! I am soooo not a profesh blogger)
 Same ol' blazer from Nordstrom's rack bought at $13.99
 New stripped tea from Ross! $5.99.

Old outfit in a new combo.
 Look at my faces, hilarious. Wearing rose stud yellow earrings and a floral scarf. All from ebay.

 Chambray from Ross $16.99
 Turquoise Calvin Klein's (can't see how bright they are with this light) $34.99
White tee from Burligton Coat Factory $5.99.

Look at that baby bump! Can't hide it now!


Jose said...

Cute baby bump! Cute clothes :D

Lula said...

thank you Jose!