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The other day a friend and I were talking about the things we used to write when we were young and single. We weren't teenagers, but we were in our 20's looking for love and looking for ourserlves. She and I agreed that back then we used to write a lot more and things that were deep, meaningful, in search of
something and that when we got married and settled into a new routine that changed. She even said "things are more mechanical, robotical" and I knew exactly what she meant. Of course, we wouldn't change being married to our husband and having kids or be expecting a baby, but we kind of miss those days were we were very creative and wished to be able to link those two worlds together.

It must be the lack of uncertainty. At least for me, being single meant not knowing if I was going to meet the love of my life, get married, have a family. But once loves comes, then comes marriage and then comes children and for some ladies that is what they want. And I don't care what this culture thinks of me, all i ever wanted was to have a family, fall deeply in love and bear children. The rest, having a career, travel and all that, didn't give me this sense of emptyness if I didn't get it. I guess my friend and I were able to explore our souls and write more because we were suffering, there was lack of something, and of course, we probably weren't as close to God as we should have.

Do you feel that side of you changed when you got married? Were you able to write more or be more creative before getting married?

I challenged myself to go back to the artistic photo sessions I used to have. I can't find the camera I want to use, but I have another, and I will start soon.

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