Weekend fun with friends

After going to a Tea House with Anna, my friend Jaime was excited about going to a Tea House as well, and after I told her that I found a Groupon deal for a place near my house, she wanted in. We had tea for $13 each. Luckily, she lives nearby, so it was a good deal as she didn't have to spend on gas.

We really liked this tea house. First, it had a really "old look" feel. Second, it had a lot of sunlight in, unlike the previous tea house I went to. I think the food was slightly better too. We started with either soup or salad. Then tea sandwiches, scones with Devonshire cream and jam and then dessert. I still don't know what Devonshire cream is but it was yummy. Anyone?

Jaime and I had a blast. I ordered the house herbal tea that tasted amazing! And we had fun dressing up with the hats they had around.

Outfit: blouse with ruffle neck from Marshall's ($20). This skirt I bought it in Argentina a long time ago and I've been in love since. This was the first time, after some pounds lost that I wore it again. I also wore a red Zara blazer ($25 on ebay) and red pumps from Charlotte Russe ($20).

Here are some "artistic" photos I took back in 2006 when I first got this skirt. Why don't I take pictures like this anymore I wonder? I don't know. And this wasn't a great picture camera, I wonder if I still have it... Ok, they're not great, but better than the ones I take from my work bathroom...

The tea house is called McKenna's Tea Cottage in Main St and Electric, Seal Beach and has really friendly staff. Check it out!

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