Don't feel blue (or do?)

Hi all! Whew, I went from posting every day to being a little bit absent. I apologize. A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks. First, one day out of the blue, I am called by my boss at work to receive the sad news that they don't need me anymore. It was unexpected, especially being six months pregnant, and a huge disappointment.

 The next day I find out there's a change with my medical insurance policy, and that brings new issues for me to handle. So let's say I stressed a lot. I shouldn't have, not for the baby. but throuhout it all I trusted God, firstly, and then my husband, who assured me everything is ok and that he's fond of me staying home and taking care of boo boo jr. That didn't stop me from freaking out a little about the money issue.

This last Monday, as I woke up not to go to work, I felt a little depressed. Today is the 3rd day at home and I can't still find the rhythm yet. I will. I know I will.
I wanted to show you a look I pulled and loved, especially because I was achieving my best weight this year:

Yum! Sipping my mate, enjoying those adorable earrings, gift from my sister in law. 

Lovely floral shirt from Ross. 

Handmade necklace by my mother in law. I added the Eiffel Tower. Patience. Indeed.
Pencil skirt from Ross and amazing blue pumps from Charlotte Russe.

Next up I will continue to show you the pregnancy fashion I am trying to pull off and some new recipes I am cooking now that I have time. Mostly low carb and low sugar, and why not, going back to my Argentine roots.

Stay tuned!


Janette said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sooo sad to hear about you losing your job.. But yes! Just let the Lord handle it.. I mean, He is in control! I hope your pregnancy is going well.. Hopefully you can show off some maternity style..I'm not pregnant, but I love to see how different women dress their baby bellys.. It's neat! Haha!

PS. What the heck is a mate? Please explain it to me!! I always hear Argentinians talking about it! Explain! lol

Miki said...

Hi, Lucia! I'm really sorry that you've lost your job, but you were going to quit eventually, anyway, right? You'll now have all the time in the world to look after your baby, which is great :).

Thank you so much for your wonderful list and best luck with your insurance company! ;)


Lula said...

Janette, I will send you an email explaining what mate is... perhaps I'll even prepare a post...?

Miki, I just got what you meant by the list... lol! Thank you for the encouragement! :)