Many things approaching.


First, my mom is arriving to the US in 20 days!
Second, my baby shower is in 25 days!

I wanted to show you how adorable the invitation is:

The theme of the shower as well as the theme of the nursery will be safari animals. Soon after I got pregnant my mom showed me some decoration ideas for the nursery that involved safari animals and since then I've obsessed. My husband would have liked a Star Wars theme, so we settled that that will be the theme for the 1st year birthday party. I just love to attend baby showers honoring my friends and their babies. I love the decor, I love the gift opening part of the event and seeing my friend happy and all the ohhs and ahhs that involve miniature clothes and baby objects, I love the games, the food and the fellowship. So you can imagine that I am excited about my own baby shower!

This invitation was discovered by my amazing sister and mother in law, who are also organizing the baby shower aloong with two of my best friends, Kelly and Kristin and with the help of Kelly's parents, the Days, that are offering their house to host it. I am truly and utterly blessed.

I have also been blessed lately by many hand me downs by awesome people at my church family.

AND: 61 days from my due date!

Let me leave you with some baby pictures of me!

 2 year old bday party.
 With my friend Diego.
 With my friend Pablo

 With my newborn sister Laura.
 Rocking the short hair before my hair got super curly.

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