Hi friends, sorry I have been so absent lately! It seems that I was super consistent about posting when I was working and now than I am not it's so much harder!

Let me tell you that the transition of staying at home (forced) was a little hard for about a week. The first Monday I was a little blue of waking up for nothing. Of course, we can debate whether waking up to clean and take care of the house is not nothing. But for me it's harder to get up and start my day inside my home than to leave the house to go to work.

Later, after the first week passed, I started to enjoy this time. The baby will come before I know it and I won't have these moments of peace and silence to do what I want. My husband supports me taking it easy. So I clean, I run errands, and go to the beach and read, among other things.

Oh, and of course, I meet with friends, something that might be hindered for a little while after the baby comes.

My friend Katie delivered her baby girl a month before her due date, on July 4th! On June 29th we had her baby shower, so that was good timing.

Today I have to take my car to the shop because we might have a transmission problem. Praying is not the whole transmission! And Friday MaryAnne is coming to help me start emptying the baby room's closet -presently the study, which will be moved to the living room, to my hubby's dismay- to make space for the baby stuff I am already getting. I am really fighting the urge to buy baby clothes!

Here are a few pics my mother in law took of me and my sister in law Mikaela after doing a makeover on us on 4th of July:


Miki said...

Hola, Lucia! Como estas? Se te ve muy bien ;). Pasaba para contarte que desde hace un par de semanas no estoy mas en Facebook, pero me encontras en el blog y por e-mail.

Espero que todo ande muy bien por ahi! Beso!


Miki said...

Eh! I want updates, Lucia, hehe ;p!

Have a wonderful weekend!