Let's get real about painting our nails

I love this meme, lol! But seriously, who has time to do the nails in the multiple beautiful ways Pinterest displays? I don't! I never have, neither when I was single and a full time student and worker, nor when I was married and working full time and less now as a stay at home mom (SAHM). Especially when nails only last 1 week, 10 days at the most!

The only way I could do these types of designs is if I have someone doing the dishes and most chores around the house, but I don't. I won't spend so much time doing crazy art work when it's only going to last a short period of time.

However, I discovered - through Pinterest- a great tip to make nail polish dry super fast is PAM! Yes, pam the cooking spray! Spray it on your nails and wait 2-3 mins, rise with warm water and pat dry. Be careful with the towel obviously.

I've been painting my nails at night lately before going to bed, I spray the PAM and wait a few minutes and I can go to bed knowing it won't smudge overnight. Great tip, huh? That makes me want to do my nails more often knowing it will dry soon and I can move on to do my mommy and wifey duties.

Another way to do cool designs is using the pens that I've been seeing at Target and CVS,I have yet to try them but I think it will make the art work way easier.

 This website has them 6 (12 colors) for $19.99! I think this is a great deal.
OR you can go to ebay and buy each color for $1.79 and free shipping! This is what you get to choose from:

I think I'm gonna go and get a couple right now!
These are some of my favorite designs I want to try to do with these pens:

I'm showing you the ones I think it's more realistic for me to desire in this time and stage of life.

How do you do your nails? At what time during the day? Do you have time to do crazy art work on your nails?

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