Weekend in Hollywood -Part 2

 You can read about Part 1 here

After lunch at Solar de Cahuenga we drove as close as we could/knew to the Hollywood sign, something I had never done even though I lived in Hollywood for a year.

 Oh the failed star I am, and look how fat I am too.... soon to start Weight loss journey 2.0. I did sign up to Weight Watchers again and lost some weight after this trip!

 William was 6 month on this pic, he's almost 7 now. Look at how the wears those shades!
 Aunt Rocio
After that we still wanted a grassy area to sit and have some mates so we drove to the Griffith Park observatory
and had a blast drinking mate overlooking Los Angeles.

For the night I had something great planned that had huge success: Birds!

If you live in Hollywood you know that almost magical block on Franklin and Bronson that has the cutest shops and restaurants. I was in love when I first discovered it and we went to Birds for dinner many times with my friends Loly and Marco. Post here.

Brandon and Rocio loooved the place. We all ordered burguers and were so happy with them, yum!

After that Rocio looked after William and Brandon and I walked around Hollywood Blvd in search of that little bar I had gone the night before (Wood and Vine) and we found it and were able to sit at the same table with the fire pit. We had 1 cocktail each and a glass of wine each. It was such an awesome time to be able to celebrate and have some time together alone, the first since William was born!

 At Birds, bad picture.
 William's outfit! Yes, we can take this baby anywhere!

The photo at the door of Birds that must be taken. More photos and reviews of Birds here.

The following and last day we were supposed to have a quick breakfast and drive to the Grove in Bev Hills, but Rocio requested to go back to Solar de Cahuenga and after that no one really felt like walking around the mall, so we tried to find a grassy area close the observatory again. It didn't quite work out (long story) but we did get to chill and relax and have some mates. We later stopped at a Starbucks and drove back home! We had an amazing weekend!

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