What's on my nightstand today

This weekend has been, so far, one of a lot of thinking, praying and restoration. Having a baby changes a lot of things in the marriage dynamic and my hubby and I are going through ups and downs sometimes, but we're giving ourselves to God to be able to work out all the trials and consequences of our own sins to be able to be better to each other and better parents to Will.

I wanted to share with you what I gathered at my last trip to the library. Hubby is listening to tons of audio books while he drives at work and I decided to fast TV a little, maybe do 1 hr a day alone and 1 hour with hubby at the most and read read read.

All the books I am reading, except one, are books I researched and requested at the library. The exception I found at the New Fiction shelf and it's the one that hooked me the most.

So here it goes:

Anger & Stress Management - God's Way
This is a book that my friend Kelly recommended because I, let's face it, am going through some stressful situations and don't always manage it God's way. Time to be real here, yes.

Need I explain? Lol. They didn't have Writing Fiction for Dummies, so I requested the Young Adult version, which is the genre I choose to write most times. Yes, I need help and I'm not afraid to get it!

We started William on solids about a month ago. He loves oat meal cereal prepared with breast milk, bananas, baby yogurt and just yesterday he seemed to love apple sauce but not so much today. But he doesn't like squash, sweet potato or avocado very much, so I got this book to get more info. So far it seems overly complicated but I will let you know if I decide to take some tips from it.

We followed the book On Becoming Baby Wise since the beginning with William. It was a great success and he sleeps 11 hours a night, naps great and is a super happy baby. Before you base your opinion about the book from other people's reviews, I would advice you to read it! I asked my Baby Wise mom friends if they had a "On becoming housewife-wise" type of book and they recommended it this one. It's surprisingly very uplifting and helpful with a hint of spirituality. 

Oh man I've had this book for months on my night stand and I can't seem to get hooked! My husband listened to it on audio per my suggestion and loved it!! I need to keep trying. I am reading it in Spanish, same with the next one.

Haven't even started this one.

And finally, The Sleeping Dictionary. I picked it up from the New Adult Fiction shelf based on the cover and
the title, not gonna lie. When I got home I read that it took place in India and I was disappointed. I don't have anything against India but I guess I didn't know what to expect. It's super interesting to say the least. I don't want to say much about it because every minute you read there's a surprise and it's hard to put the book down. I am learning a lot I didn't know about India and the story is compelling. We'll see how it ends.

I should try to finish all this books before May, at least all but the Ken Follet ones, because I want to start working on the May reading material.

What books do you have on your nightstand?
Which books do you recommend?


Janette said...

Oh my gosh! Isn't it the worst when your husband loves a book and then hands it to you and you can't ever seem to finish it?? I have about 5 books like this.. and it's been months and months and I can't get myself to read them.. Ugh! I just have to bite the bullet and force myself. I either loooove books or I hate them.. There's no middle ground. If I don't love it, I'm not reading it. Haha! Loove your book lists! Thanks for sharing.. It's inspiring me to read more tonight for sure!

♥Janette ♥

Janette Lane Blog

Lula said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad!! I already have a "want to read" list to... ugh!!