William's 7 month check up

Can you believe our little (chubby) boy is 7 months already? I can't and I want time to stop!

William turned 7 months on the 30th and we went to see the Doctor. This is out 3rd Doctor and I like him. He does things a little bit different than the books but I trust him. He splits vaccines which I am ok with and he also delays certain solids. I didn't listen to him and followed another schedule for solids. In the previous appointment he didn't even mention solids so I asked him and he said I could start William on sweet potato, butternut squash and avocado. But because William started waking up in the middle of the night 2-3 times i followed other parent's advice and I started him on oat meal cereal also, he loved all of it except avocado. Then I felt adventurous and tried baby yogurt, banana and apple sauce. It didn't really change the middle of the night wakings.

He weighed 24.6 lbs at this appointment and I guess the Dr is concerned so he told me to cut the grains and the fruit and only stick with the veggies. Our big boy is on a diet!

I posted this picture on facebook to say he was sad lol, but in reality he's pretty happy playing with the paper.

Anyway, you may judge me as the worst mom ever :( In the last couple of days I didn't feed him solids, just breast milk and he slept 11 hours! So he obviously doesn't need extra calories. You will agree with me!!

He's sitting up pretty straight lately and doing all kinds of things to try to move.

Always so happy! 
  With his grandpa Poppa Forrest

 Easter outfit
 Out and about

 7 months photoshoot :P

 Why spend money on a pack and play when you can have a cardboard box?

He'sa supper happy baby, he naps great and is always in a good mood. Yesterday we were at a friend's house for 5 hours and he never cried. We can take him anywhere! I don't know if it's because of his mellow personality or because we followed a schedule from early on but man he's a saint!

He will be crawling anytime!

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