I am writing from my phone because for some reason I am too lazy to open blogger on my laptop and start writing. I don't know why. Today while I was feeding my almost-ten-month-old-boy William abs my mom - YES MY MOM IS IN THE COUNTRY!!!- was making lunch she was suggesting I start a journal especially since William will start speaking soon and I should document all the funny things he'll say.

I've had a journal since I was nine years old but lately I find myself starting to write in my horrible penmanship and I get tired and quit. Soooooo my mom said I should write on my computer. (This sounds like a 12 year old is writing this) so here I am.

This blog will be my journal. I will intend to write things as I feel them, as I see them. They won't always be pretty because news flash people that live in a society that pretends to be perfect: no one is!!!

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