Life as we know it is amazing

Hi all,

Yes, I am still alive!! I am one happy mom and wife, and friend and all.

Facts about my life:

- I have been reading a lot. You can see my reading list and progress on the left side.

- I have the most beautiful, fun, easy going, happy little boy any mom could ask for. He's seriously My husband and I are amazed at how awesome he is.

-I have the sweetest and most patient husband I could ever dream of deserving.

- I am anxiously waiting for my mom's arrival in 12 days! I can't wait to drink mate, go to the beach, talk, decorate our home, etc etc etc with her!!

- I am taking a online photography class, I have finished module 1 and still haven't taken 1 photo with my camera... oops!!!

-I am working out a LOT! I discovered Jillian Michaels on you tube and she's been kicking my butt!

- Argentina made it to the final in the World CUP! And tomorrow we're watching at a small Argentine/Peruvian restaurant with some friends and hoping we win!!
This picture is at the last game!

William is 9 months! He is a big baby! He is crawling everywhere.

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