Lost in the Loss of the weight

Grrr.... I made up a section for this blog called Weight Loss Journey because I "intended" to lose all the weight I gained during my pregnancy... I've lost about 10 lbs in 10 months ONLY. I signed up to Weight Watchers and barely did/use/attended it. I don't want to go about what is going on with me, because there's no excuse. if I wanted to lose weight I would just exercise and duct tape my mouth but I obviously like food way more than a skinny body. No use beating myself up. I am slowly making changes. But I just wanted to clear your minds up in case you were eagerly awaiting for some exciting before and after pics. The only before and after pics I can give you right now are the William 1 month/10 month comparison, but I haven't made it yet. Lol?

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