William 10 month update

Say whaaa?

William is already ten months?? Well, by now, he's 10 1/2. Where did time go? Yes, yes, this is a very common and clichéd question lots of parents ask themselves when it comes to their little ones growing up. You may answer, time went where all time goes for you and me, the past. Lol.

So what can I say about William Dale? He has the most fun and easy going personality. He's always smiley and happy, he barely cries, we can take him anywhere and go past his naps and he's still happy. We went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago and we stayed there 15 HOURS and William cried at 9 pm when he was clearly tired and passed out after a few whines and then at 10:30 when he woke up again. It was so much fun and a breeze to go with a baby like him. Ok ok, I am bragging, yes, but this post is about him, ain't it?

William crawled 4 days after his 9 months, and just a few days ago he started pulling up. He seems to achieve his milestones a little after a lot of babies, but it doesn't worry me at all, especially because it's probably due to his chubbyness.

Here are a ton of pictures I took with our new camera (still getting the hang of it)

In Laguna Beach with my mom.

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