A little bit about Bariloche

You've probably heard me rave about this wonderful city in Argentina called Bariloche. It's in the province of Rio Negro, in the world travelled Patagonia. In Argentina is very famous because when we finish our 5 years of high school we take a 1 week trip down there and have an amazing time.
Let me tell you why I love this place so much. First, it's incredibly gorgeous. I'll show you some pictures I gathered from google and feel free to look it up further:

My fellow classmates and I chose an independent company that organized a quite different trip than the main stream ones. It featured more adventure tourism than clubbing. One of the main activities was a 6 hur hike in the snow up the mountain and a night at a mountain refuge. It was life changing.

We did a 2 hour horse back ride up the Cerro Tronador and got to the Glaciar Ventisquero Negro, we did rappel, we did a 2 hour white water rafting, with real rapids! We went skiing, and we went clubbing only 3 nights, which was plenty.

 This is where we got after the horse ride,
Going up to the Refugio Frey.
 Hosteria Los Baqueanos where we stayed for 3 nights before going to the refuge. After we came down we stayed in a hotel in the downtown area.

In our hotel room.

Our trip was amazing and I left in love with Bariloche. 
When I turned 21 and had a stable job and some (not much) of my own money, me and my friend Soledad went camping for about 8 days. That was a different experience than the first time because I wasn't able to afford the same activities I'd done the first time, but it was also great because I discovered new places, met people and relaxed a ton. 

Here are some pictures of that trip (they might be out of order but I will explain each and every one of them):

 The view after a short but steep hike up the Cerro Campanario. Soledad was mesmerized by the view and understood it all about my obsession about this place. 
 Friends at the camping site. 
 At the little kids (?) train in downtown.
 Taking it all in by the Lake Nahuel Huapi.
 At the shore in the camping site.
 Having some of the best ice cream in the world, Helados Jauja, in downtown Bariloche.
 Kicking it back at the camp site. Soledad liked to do this a LOT.
 Friends at the camp site.
 Lounging and drinking mate, and waiting for Coco, who was very late. My face says it all.
 After a three hour hike, it was worth it! You might not see it well, but those are snowed mountains. (Or the correct way for the term: mountains with know in their peaks).
 Soledad lounging at Colonia Suiza with the Cerro Tronador behind her.
 Me hugging an arrayan after 3 hours to get to them.
 Sole, mate, and camping Petunia.
 Me walking through the forrest of arrayanes (myrtle?)
 Us hitch hiking to get to Colonia Suiza after we missed the bus.
 Me again at the Walt Disney house (I don't know if this is the real name or a given name) at the Bosque de Arrayanes.

Me, just thinking and sighing, oh I wish to come back here again one day...

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