A year older and lots of gifts

This past year, from the moment I turned 30 (and nine months before that we could say, and ten month before... etc etc) until I turned 31 and counting, has been very eventful, one could say.

First, September 17th, 2013, I was about to pop our baby William. That was something! Motherhood has change my life in such a positive way it would take a long time to explain. Other moms will understand me, but I am sorry for those who need convincing about having a child. I will summarize it: HAVE ONE. Have many! Children are the best!

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. 4Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth.… Psalm 127:3. 

Secondly, my husband has gone back to school! He left his job of 5 years after a lot of prayer and consideration and he embarked on a journey to get his Computer Science Major. He already has a double major from UCLA, so he feels a little embarrassed to say sometimes he's getting another major, but we believe this was the right time to do this! It's hard when we meet new people because he's been such a hard working man all this time than now that he's just studying he feels it's not "good enough", but like I said, we prayed and felt strongly from God this was the step to be made.

So two days ago I turned 31! Not too excited about the number but today, as I was enjoying a brownie with dulce de leche that one of my Home Fellowship Group leaders (and hopefully a good friend soon) made for me, I was breathing air of new adventures.

Our church opened a branch very close to our place. We had been praying about finding another church, similar if not equal to the one we were attending 45 minutes away, and God responded this way. Bringing Compass Bible Church close to us!

Tonight was our first Home Fellowship Group meeting. The reason why I feel driven to write about it it's because it's so close to this new year of life I am celebrating. New things ahead are coming our way and they feel like such a big blessing from God. We'll have good Christian friends close. We'll be able to be a part of a church family and not feel we'll be missing on things because of distance. William is going to grow up with little ones that hopefully will become his best buddies!

My best birthday present by far is this one! I pray God gives me wisdom to take care of this present, to invest in it, to multiply it, to love his children and servants, and to be a servant myself. And that next year, when I turn 32 I can see I gave God presents myself, that my life this upcoming year was a gift to Him.

Korean BBQ with my love was awesome!

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