At last! A weight loss post

The absence in weight loss related post can only mean 1 thing: that I was doing NOTHING to lose weight. Sure. I started working out with Jilliam Michael's -not in person, I wish- and lost some weight but the food intake was a struggle. It's been almost a year since I had William and I weigh more than when I first had him and came back from the hospital...

I have to be honest, I struggled with a little of post partum depression. Not immediately after I had him but about 4 months into his birth and for about 2 months. It was hard but God helped pull through it putting certain people in my life, like my husband of course, and godly friends that kept reminding me of God's love for me.

I absolutely love being a mom and I am so grateful that I can stay at home with my bear Will. But I was having a really hard time finding the motivation and self control to stand up and run or workout or limit my food intake.



How did this trigger a change? Well, in many ways:

1, we are going during the hot humid summer. This means lots of chances to wear a swim suit and let's be frank, no one wants to come back to their hometown looking fat. It might sound vain, but it's like going to a High School reunion single lol! No, seriously, if I am going to be in a reaaaaly hot and sticky weather, I want to feel comfortable with my body to wear shorts and tanks and not feel like a meat roulade cooking with threads (do you get it?)

2, we're going to the Patagonia, to Bariloche, one of my all time favorite cities, then to El Calafate to see the Glaciar and then to Ushuaia, the end of the world!!! All of these cities have mountains and lots of trails and both my hubby and I love hiking! It was his idea to start getting in shape to be able to do as much kikes as possible. Therefore, having him as a workout partner makes finding the motivation so much easier!

3, I have so many clothes that I bought before I was pregnant, that would almost fit me and never wore. What better chance than a vacation to break into new jeans and clothes and actually look good! Sounds vain, again, sorry, I am a girl after all!


Like I said, it's been extremely hard to say no to food. So my first step is exercise. We've been going running with my husband every other day and I do Jilliam Michael's 30 day shred at home.

I have a good breakfast with lots of proteins. Usually, it's eggs in a hole with sugar free syrup. I was hooked after my neighbor invited me to breakfast and served me that once.

I have a low calorie lunch. A tuna salad, or chicken and brown rice. My mom and I cook dinner for my husband the night before and save tow portions for us.

For afternoon snacks we have mate, the Argentine drink with some tea cookies. I do have some protein snack here and there if I feel the need.

For dinner, we start with warm chicken or beef broth and then we have a fruit salad with yogurt. These dinners have been making the difference. Today for example, I was craving salt so I steamed some veggies and sauteed them with olive oil and later had some cantaloupe and watermelon. And don't forget WATER.

I've lost at least 2 lbs since I started doing the light dinners and this was a method that always helped my mom lose the baby weight. Some people might not agree with this method but I am not starving myself, it's actually helped me feel like I am not depriving myself because of the tea cookies and the fruit which fulfills my sweet tooth.

I will keep you posted about the progress!

What has helped you lose baby weight or any undesired weight? Share your success stories with me!

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