Weight loss update/ Mini Restaurant review

I lost about two pounds doing the broth and light dinner last week. An then I gained them back in the course of four days during my birthday week. I can't blame I was born during the time I was supposed to be losing weight, because in reality, I've had almost 1 year to lose the weight and I should have lost it so that I could be free eating whatever I wanted for my birthday.

But I am back on track now, except that I had a little cookie dough while I was baking cookies for Will's birthday party this Saturday!!

On my actual birthday, as Brandon was in school all day, my mother in law took me and my mom to Taco Surf in Long Beach. There's also one in Seal Beach where we usually go, but I wanted to change it up a bit and in LB they have an outside patio.

Taco Surf is great! They give you free chips and salsa and salsa is usually delicious but this time it was a little watery. I ordered the shrimp tacos that were amazing. They come with 2 corn tortillas each and I always eat them with one.

For dessert we went to Claim Jumper to have cake and coffee. I LOVE their former Raspberry and white chocolate cheese cake and I was really looking forward to eating it, but instead what they gave us was the regular cheesecake with raspberries' sauce... I asked the waitress after a few minutes of being dissatisfied about the change and she responded they changed their recipe. For some reason, I don't buy it. I think they run out of the one we ordered and improvised with the regular cheesecake. Oh well.

On Saturday I went to dinner with four of my best friends to a place in Laguna Beach I had been before, called Mare, Culinary Lounge. We had a great time but a few mishaps. I'm sorry, I don't want to come off as a complainer but I am just doing a restaurant review. First of all, I had called to make a reservation and I felt the person who took wasn't writing it down. I was right, because they didn't have my reservation and their patio was booked so I couldn't celebrate my birthday in the setting I had wanted. But ok, I set myself to have a good time with my amazing ladies.

We sat inside and it was cute and intimate. The server didn't speak much English and took some time to recite the specials. He was very nice though, and looks who's talking, my English is horrible lately. I decided to order one of the specials without asking the price and it ended up being way more than what expected. Maybe I don't know about restaurant etiquette but I thought it was rude to ask the price (in Argentina they say that poor people ask price, but I should know I am kinda poor), and I thought "special" meant "good deal of the day". Lesson learned, next time I'll ask the price.

My dish was a sea food trio with salmon, sea bass and another fish I can't remember with some pasta in the middle. It wasn't amazing.

My friend had the veal chop and she said it was spectacular. I tried a bite and it was really good. She also had some mushroom risotto and I had to order a side after almost not being to stop eating hers.

Overall I loved Mare and I would go back but definitely order something from the menu next time, and I will order the risotto for sure!

Now I have to get back on the wagon eating healthy and exercising. Today I went on a run and on a walk so I think I am on the right track.

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