William's almost 1 year old update and a throw back Friday

Can you believe William is 4 days shy of being 1 YEAR OLD?

How did we go from someone like this:

To someone like this?:

He looks like a little boy now! The moment he cut his upper front teeth I felt like he wasn't a baby anymore. Of course, he's MY baby, but his empty gums made him a little tiny one.

I wasn't good about blogging updates every months and progress pictures but now that I am inspired to blog more, I will give you short little pieces of what this year has been like.

It's so hard to choose which pics to choose from so bare with me on this journey down the best memory lane ever!

William was born on 9.30.13 at 10:22 pm weighing 9.2 lbs and measuring 21 inches. I had a C-section after 24 hours of labor because his heart rate was dropping every time I pushed. The surgery went great and my recovery was easy breezy, at least from the physical perspective. I think it was a piece of cake.

Daddy cutting the umbilical cord
 Mommy kissing Will for the first time
 The next morning

The second night we got the news that William's sugar levels were really low and he had to be supplemented with formula. They found out he was jaundiced, just like I was and my two sisters were as well. He was put in a billy bed, which was really hard for me because I wanted to hold him so much. He didn't get better so they took him to the NiCU at Choc Hospital with thank God it was just 2 levels up. It was hard to receive the news that we had to stay in the hospital but in perspective there were only 2 days.
It did  complicate the matter of breastfeeding because they were also feeding him bottles, he'd scream at the boob and I didn't find lots of helpful and patient nurses who'd help me with this problem. Some would say "just give him a bottle".

So we went home not breastfeeding well and I went through the hardest 6 weeks of my life. I was in terrible pain, I was desperate for sleep, William wasn't latching and screamed at the boob and when we finally got the latching down the pain was excrutiating.
This is him the first night home.

Know this: there is light at the end of the tunnel. I didn't see it back then, but there is! Now that seems so long ago and we're still breastfeeding!

 He loooooved to sleep on daddy. Still does.

 I'm a happy boy!
 First bath!
 Love my times with mommy

1-2 months:

After the 6th week breastfeeding got much better and I really started enjoying my relationship with this little guy. He was a good napper, he extended his nights and was super content.

He started becoming the baby he would continue to be. I lied, the first few weeks of his life he wasn't this happy. I think the feeding part had to do with it and he wasn't sleeping great until we started a schedule. But after we sorted certain things out, I got this photo shoot from him!

3 months, we started brainwashing him into playing soccer. He was a great kicker in mommy's belly, why not?

Practicing kicks

4 months, life kept getting better.

Those cheeks kept getting kissed as they grew!

5 months (I'll try to choose 1-3 pics):

 6 months:

 Easter outfit!

7 months:

8 months (sorry I don't remember exact progress updates but just know that William grew, as you can see, very healthy)

 He loves nature and outdoors!

 He loves kids and people in general!
 He makes my bed!
 He almost crawled!
 He loves Star Wars like daddy! - This is Father's day
 He rooted for Argentina in the World Cup!
 He watched Star wars with daddy, or maybe this is the Rocky training scenes.
And he rooted for the US in the World Cup as well!

9 months, he crawled!

He loves his cousin Colton

He said goodbye to his friend Aeva! :(


He went to the beach!
He spent lots of time with Abuela!

10 months:

We went to Disneyland!

11 months and present! He stands up by himself and dances, but hasn't taken a first step yet! He's still funny, social and he developed a little sass we're working on shaping:

Touching everything!

Has a way with the ladies.

A sneak peak at his birthday there!


 And the training continues:

And a side by side to end this super long post!

William, you're an amazing gift to me and your daddy and we're amazed of the great personality God has given you. It is our job to mold that temperament to make you a Godly man. Being your mom this year has made me a different woman and I can't remember my days without you. I dreamed of you since I was 11 years old! You've exceeded my expectations!

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