William's first birthday party!

Even though Will's first birthday is not until the 30th, we celebrated it the 27th because that's when most of the family was available. TMI. I was so much fun to plan and to execute! I couldn't have done a lot of this if it wasn't for my mom being in the country and helping me.

If you've seen William's nursery, you know my mom is an expert in decoration. And that includes cake decoration. She'd always make us the most amazing birthday cakes, from a pool with kids swimming in it to a two story house with furniture an a girl reading a book. 

I gathered most of the ideas from Pinterest. Oh the glorious Pinterest. I knew I wanted an airplane party theme because my husband loves airplanes and well, William loves them too (?).The colors were red and teal blue.

My first idea was the cake. We combined two cakes we saw on Pinterest and this is the result:
Homemade "Sweet treats" banner

Homemade cookies as favors

The food table

Homemade croissant sandwiches, people loved them!

Chips and dips, of course

Straws with a plane

This was my sister and my mother in law's idea!! So cute!

Happy birthday Will homemade banner

Photo op: we got the idea from Pinterest but my mom went all out and I think it's way better, hehe

William's face is priceless

The grandmas

Singing happy birthday!

Opening presents!

Time to board!

William in a nut shell: he's so happy!

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