Starting again

Well hey! Not only did I not write for some long 6 months -not for lack of content- but I will be breaking into the section of my Weight Loss Journey! Ahoy! It has taken me this long to finally want, really want, to lose weight. I tried and I tried and I kept telling myself that I wanted it but I wasn't really commited to make the sacrifices.

I knew it all, the theory I mean. I know what to eat, I know I have to work out, I have done it in the past and I lost almost 30 lbs! I was looking gooood. But what happened? Why is it that after Will was born I didn't find the motivation to get back on track. It doesn't matter now. For some of us it might take us longer than others.

Point is, I started a no bread (flours) and no sugar diet. I was inspired by a girl in my church who looks amazing after 3 kids and I asked her what she did.

Today is day 2 and I wanted to share what I have been eating, with cheats and everything. Hopefully I will be disciplined enough to post what I eat day to day.

Day one:

Workout: 2 Body Rock workouts, short run, walk and a yoga workout before bedtime.

Breakfast: eggs with peppers and green onions. Coffee with milk and honey.

Lunch: Tuna salad with Brussels sprouts. Oh, and 1 tbsp of Nutella. Bad, I know.

Afternoon: home made green tea frap.

Dinner: small steak and mashed potatoes.

Day 2:

Workout: none

Breakfast: eggs with peppers, green onion, 1/4 avocado and blue cheese. Coffee with milk and sugar (trying to get rid of this one though).

Lunch : 1 veggie patty and salad with greens, tomato, blue cheese some olives and sesame dressing.

Dinner: zucchini pasta with pink sauce and meatballs from Costco. It was delicious!

My friend and neighbor gave us a bunch of food when she moved so I will be cooking all of the studd we already have.

I also made small smoothe ziploc baggies with banana, kiwi, strawberries and pears and froze yogurt in a cube tray to have ready for smoothies.

I love to freeze grapes to if I need a snack that reminds me of ice cream, lol.

Wish me luck! And any tips are welcomed.


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