Focus on the clean

We're talking about those weekends when we don't control what we eat, when we just stuff our faces and then feel awful about it. I realized some time ago that I deal with a food addiction, that's why I have gained so much weight and it takes me a lot of effort to lose it. I have to treat it as any addiction but the hard part is that I still have to eat, right? Even though it triggers me to want to eat more!
Me and Carlie are walking down the river bend after a run and we're talking about what to do after those weekends, or days where we'd porked out. She mentions that her roommate does about three days of juicing to cleanse and detox. Carlie has sone a juicing cleanse for a week and lost 20 lbs!
At thing point I am about 200 lbs and it's taking a lot of me to lose it. I try for a few days, I fail, try again...

Running every morning with Carlie helps!
I decided to do a week of juicing then. I do 8 eights, lose 10 lbs. Then I eat, go on a bender that weekend and the next week I start juicing again but I nibble on food. I do 5 more days of juicing. Lose some more.

In the mean time, I am watching "Fat, sick and nearly dead" over and over to keep me motivated. And I decide, because I love how the juices are giving me this amazing energy, that I will do at least 30 days! I join support groups on Facebook. That helps too!

Today is day 3. The first three days are the hardest, so I am glad this day is over!

Day 2 and 3 have been hard, I've felt week, hungry at times, and I am not drinking as much water as I should. Will get better at it. I LOVE making different juices and putting them in containers. It's definitely a good sight to open my fridge and seeing a rainbow of juices. I can grab one and have a ton of nutrients in a cold ice mason jar.

A lot of people don't agree with juicing. I thought it was crazy to until I watched that documentary. The thing is, I needed something drastic, I was way overweight and nothing was working. and this extreme cleanse helps me keep the focus.

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