Breast Cancer Awareness Juice recipe

I am all for good causes, but I didn't like this juice. Maybe I didn't put enough watermelon, or maybe I am drinking it not cold enough, but I am not a huge fan. Probably because I don't really like tomato juice.

But I will you the recipe I got from JuiceRecipes. As I am looking at it, most likely I didn't put the right amount of watermelon because it was supposed to yield 32 oz but I only got 16.

Picture from Juice Recipes
If you try it, let me know what you think!


Lemon - 1/2 fruit (2-3/8" dia) 42g

Tomato - 1 large whole (3" dia) 182g

Watermelon - 1 large wedge (approx 1/8 of melon) 572g


Sarah Gonzales said...

You didn't like it because it didn't have the right ingredients in it. ;)

Lula said...

which are? ;P