I shared with you about the collages I was placing on my journal. It's been an interesting journey, because the more i did them the more I wanted to do them and the more I wanted to look at them and write on them, and therefore I ended up writing way more than I was writing lately. Make sense?

That is an ultrasound picture of Will!

If you look at the previous post about it, you'll see that I started with simple stuff, copying the style that I was using on my weight loss journal, but for some reason it evolved and I started using more of my scrapbook supplies into creating the pages that I will show you next. I have many, many more that I have been doing and I promise to show them all.
What you see on the right is called mate, is an Argentine and Uruguayan drink and I will be doing a full post about it soon! It's pronounced like latte. 

I was being extremely lazy about journaling and since doing these beautiful pages I have been inspired to pour my feelings down like I once used to.

I've been posting some filtered pics on my Instagram page if you'd like to follow me!


Sarah Gonzales said...

Your orange/peachy toned page makes me very happy. :)

Lula Fernandez said...

me too :)