Day one? More like day zero! Boo!

Today was kind of a stressful day for me personally. At least the beginning of the day, It was good at the same time. I ate emotionally, and badly, and stupidly. I ate the leftover pizza and brownies from yesterday... why did I do that? I was even making many juices all day long, I made like 20 something juices, didn't run, didn't work out, bad day.

However, tomorrow I start a 30 day fast and this time I will aim at no raw veggies or nuts and I might even do an enema if I see it fit. We'll see... but 30 days!!

I want to organize my day a little bit better so I am not tempted to be lazy. I want to wake up and go running and then do a BR workout. Then, drink juice, read a bit, take Will to story time, Come back, have lunch, juice, read or watch some tb and start working on the KonMari Method (a tidying up method by Marie Kondo, and I will try to make posts about this too!) with Will's clothes, then mine and then Brandon's

Journal entry pic:

Soooo here are all the juices I made today!! I could have made more but I ran out of containers!

 This time I went to Juice and I decided to do two things: all the juices on the first page and those that call for pumpkin because I had some butternut squash I needed to use.

I will list all these recipes and link the ingredients because it might be too much work for me to copy paste all of them. The pictures of the juices individually will be from their webpage.

 And this is me, even though I don't look too good in this pic! See that belly? It's pizza and brownies and ice cream! Ugh!

Juices I made today:

Appleberry Lush
Arthritis Soother 
Beet Nik
Beet retreat
Beets and treats

Beginner Green
Berry A-Peeling
Blackberry Pop

Breast Cancer Awarness Juice (not my fav, check out my post about it)
Bunny Brew

Can't beet it
Citrus sensation
Coconut splash (I used half a can of coconut milk instead of coconut)
Crazy for Cantaloupe

Creamsicle (another favorite!)
Don't forget your roots
Dr Oz's green drink

Juices with pumpkin (I used butternut squash)

Harry Potter Juice! (I have to do this one tomorrow)

Day 1 tomorrow, hold me to it!!!

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