How to beautify your journal

If you're like me, you like to write a lot on your journal. But as life's vicissitudes take place, journaling for me became one of my last priorities. That, and my lack of patience, didn't help me keeping up with my diaries. I used to tell every single detail down, but writing became tedious and time consuming.'

Until I started my weight loss journal. I started cutting and clipping pieces from fitness magazines, pieces that were inspirational, girls with fit bodies, or pictures of healthy food, whatever motivated me to keep going. I noticed that I would go to this journal a lot, just to look at it, and then I wanted to write, even if i didn't have anything to say about working out or dieting.

So I thought, why not do the same on a regular journal, where I can clip all kinds of inspirational things? As you may know, I've been sick since Monday, so that gave me a lot of excuse to craft, craft, craft! (I call it crafting, because it sounds good).

Here is the result of today's session. I did a lot! I am addicted! My friend and fellow blogger Janette does this planner crafting thing that seemed to make no sense to me before, but I always admitted it was gorgeous to look at. Now that I started beautifying my journal I can totally see why other ladies would do it on their planners! It inspires you to use it!

Do you need any tips on how to start?

You need, well, a journal, or a notebook.
Some scrapbook pages or color pages
Embellishments, optional
Washi tapes, optional, but they do make everything better!

I got most of my crafting supplies from Michael's. I am in no way paid by them to say this, but I love this store! It's almost like Disneyland! I wait until I have a few coupons to go in. There's a 20% off the entire purchase when you sign in to receive their emails so make sure to do that if you haven't yet! Also, the Sunday newspaper bring weekly deals lilke 40% off one single item, sometimes even 60% off and other discounts on specific brands.AND: THEY ACCEPT JOANNE'S AND AARON BROTHERs' COUPONS AS WELL.  In case you don't know Aaron brothers offers a 50% one single item coupon you can get at their website, which of course you can also use at their store. But if you stalk up on these coupons you can get more than 1 item for 40, 50 or 60% off!

What to do? Flip through those magazines, today I had Good Housekeeping, Better Homes, Sunset (from the local library at 10 cents each). But I've used Self, which has a lot of pics of girls working out, and healthy meals. I would also love to get my hands on some beauty and fashion magazine. But you can select anything that you think has pictures that will make you happy to look at. Clip, clip, clip anything you want to put on display.
Once you're done cutting, shape those in the form you want, and place them over a page of your journal, you can glue it or tape it with washi tapes, and you can fill in the empty spaces with color paper, or embellishments or little quotes. You don't have to do it beforehand, you could also wait until you write on that page and embellish it after.

Let me show you what I did today:
This is the very first page I did and I wrote on it right away. And that's my messy bed.
 Oops, I was just writing on this page and I almost started on the second one before I realized I wanted to show how the pages looked unwritten.
 Cute rooms, like office spaces, make me happy.

These pages are so gorgeous I don't even want to write on them! But at the same time I want to look and then over and over again and I know they will prompt me to write my feelings down and maybe, only maybe, a few thoughts of fiction!

Let me know what you think! Oh, I also did some pages of my weight loss journal! I am telling you, I'm addicted!


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