I covet thy craftiness

I don't consider myself a crafty person, and I envy those who have the eye and the talent at doing beautiful things. I try though, and I'll show you. I started doing a wight loss journal even thought when I didn't really have a plan. But after I found "Fat, sick and nearly dead" (at the mention of my awesome and lovely neighbor now friend), I have been juicing.

I'll summarize how it's been going:
 Week 1, I did 8 days. I had plan to break the fast at a specific weekend where I had a baby shower, a women's event at church and something else I forget now. In those 8 days I lost 10 lbs and I didn't get them back. 

The following week I kept jucing but I cheated a lot.

The third week I did 12 days. I resisted a loooot of junk food and I lost another 10 lbs! As I had to cheat because I forgot the juices by accident, the following week was harder to get back on track. Result as of today, 20 lbs lost!!!

Do you want to know what goes on in my mind during these days? Even if you don't I will still write it down. But first, let me show you some of my weight loss journal pages. As you'll see, I started pasting pictures and trying to be crafty and decorative. The pictures really encourage me to keep writing and to keep visualizing my goal.

June 1st

Today Body Rock launched a new challenge! I slept in and didn't go running with Carlie, but went later by myself. After that I stopped by the park and Brandon joined us. And he wanted to go running too! He's decided to change his diet and exercise more! Wooho! After that we all walked to the bank and as I was walking back home (Brandon went to put the stroller in the car) I tripped and twisted my ankle. It made a horrible noise and I fell to the floor screaming. I am icing it now. That means I can't work out for now. It sucks because I was getting a good groove! Good thing I am juicing!
I really hope I can run and workout tomorrow!

I had some carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus today. Goal for June is.... 175 but I'm hoping to lose 8 lbs per week this month, so a down low would be: 32 lbs! Really? So, I am about 180 right now... could I really get to 148 by the end of the month?? Granted, I might not lose 8 lbs a week as something could happen... but I want to do 30 days (I already did 12 but I ate on day 12... or 13?). I guess it doesn't matter if it's day 1 or 14... my body is thankful. 
After the 30 days I would have juiced 45 days more or less and I might add 15 more. Ok, see you tomorrow!

June 2nd

Today I am really struggling with eating food or not eating while I juice. I want to eat! And I don't want to eat nuts. Which according to hard core juicers it's not allowed), but I want to eat chips, pop corn and all that stuff. I didn't though, but truthfully, I didn't drink enough juice today. I had coffee, 16 oz of juice, tea, and now I am having some more juice. I don't drink as much water as I should, Opening this journal, especially after putting this motivating picture really really helps! So here I am, watching tv. (I read a lot today, too, because I am resting my foot), and writing here and drinking juice. I am considering eating on the 13th. I have two things going on that weekend. Last time I had two events, or 3, I ended up eating both days on every meals and gained 3 lbs that I had lost. So I don't know! The 13th there's a women's event at my church where they usually have yummy food. And then there's my sister in law's baby shower. I initially said I would do 30 days, but ate on the 12th day. Now May 31st is the new day, and I said I'd do 45 days. EEEEKKK. The thing is, at the rate I am losing weight maybe I can allow myself a cheat day.

Sorry for the blur... she was running (?)
June 3rd - day 4:

Today I did a Body Rock workout! I went on a short walk. Had coffee, juice, some cooked veggies and salsa. (Should I?) I don't know but whatev. and some nuts before bed. See ya!

June 4th - 5th day:  

I ate a chicken salad today. Yes, it's healthy and it helped me go poo poo but it's not fasting, ugh. I haven't been able to do more than 12 days yet and after June, or maybe August I don't know if I'll be able to. Why? I don't know! My mom comes Aug 27th so I could fast until then! I guess I was hoping to be bikini ready but that doesn't mean I can't be it and fast at the same time.
Times of social events: June 13th, 14th, July 4th, and Jordan's wedding.

These days were blurry.

June 5th.

I don't even know if it's worth it to spend a page on what I did today. I had coffee and juice in the morning, and went outside to read. Carlie, my neighbor, offered to prepare me a salmon salad!!! So I had it. It's healthy, but it;'s not juicing, ugh! Usually after 1 day of eating it takes me a long time to get back into juicing! But strangely enough, I did seem to lose 2 lbs! Tomorrow I have guests coming over and I am making pizza, but maybe I can eat just a salad and get back to juicing on Sunday.
Carlie wants to train for a marathon taking place in August (half marathon). The 8th.

Recap on the weight goal:
originally by June 30th I was aiming for 176 lbs, but at the juicing rate I saw that maybe I would be able to lose 32 lbs in one month sooooo goal: 176 or 148, anywhere in between that would be great! Hopefully wat more (or less) than 176. Ok, off to a walk with the hubby and baby.

June 6th: Today Jenna and Jessee came over. I didn't have time to make any juice but I shopped for a bunch of veggies. I juiced for breakfast and lunch. I made pizzas, chips and guacamole, carrots and hummus. I had some salad and pizza, and brownies and ice cream. It's one meal so I hope I don't gain too much. Tomorrow I start back up with at least one week. Still haven't decided if I am eating on the 13th and 14th. But should be 6-7 days for Sun-Sat.

(That last part didn't make much sense, but I get it).

Today I went on a run/walk with Carlie and Stacey. Aren't those pink leggings adorable???


End of the journal so far. I will try to keep uploading the pics of the journal and filling you in with my progress. Oh! I am making like 30 juice recipes tomorrow! I will definitely try to post on that!!

See ya!

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