Last Sunday I had a blast at Michael's! I went with 2 40% off coupons and went we arrived with Will I realized almost the whole store was on sale! I forgot I had seen something to that effect on my email! It said the Recollections collection of scrapbook pages book were 40% off but I didn't imagine so many other things were super discounted!

I got embellishments for .07 cents, .24 cents, and lots of stuff for .50 and a dollar! Let me show you!

I believe these were a dollar each

The one in the middle was $.024 cents! The kite ones $.50

Stamps for $.07 cents!

Ink pads

Paper punchers. one of these was $1.50 and the other $3 I believe. They're normally 7.99 and 9.99!

Washi tapes!

The one in the background is a mixed media album. I don't know what I am going to do with it but it was super discounted and it looked good. it has like 24 pages of different materials that are to die for! The stamps and the clothe pins were 50 cents and I can't remember how much the fish pins were but I think no more than a dollar. 

From left to right: embellishments, stamps and a gorgeous journal. This last one was 50 cents! The embellishments were a dollar and the stamps were 3.99. 

Awesomeness all along. I will show you in detail what the element on the left is all about. 50 cents. The cork stickers were 50 cents and the tags on the right I think 99 cents?

More super cute things from the discounted section, minus the sharpies. 

It's funny how part of the excitement of getting these things is looking at them before opening them a little more than the possibility of using them in crafts. But that is pretty exciting too! Can't wait to beautify my journal! (More on this here and here)

How do I figure this camre out?

Whatever, selfie style to show these 3 hair hooks I got for 1.50.

I am not more excited over this than the other stuff, just to be clear.

Let me show you this little adorable journal


Back side

Ok, so let me show you this little gem I found on the 1.50 section. It's a bookmark booklet with a monthly calendar, one bookmark for each month plus 3 magnetic clips. I didn't know what the clips were for until I opened the packet and realized they have double side magnet to separate chunks of pages- or at least that's what I think they're good for. I am sorry for the picture overload. I will try to figure out how to make collages soon

 Aren't these adorable?
And to finish things off, I captured this by accident when Will leaned on me for a kiss!!


Sarah Gonzales said...

1. I love reading about huge deals, they're the best.
2. Those bookmarks are freakin' sweet.
3. I also love how you call them "hair hooks", it's great.

Lula said...

Haha what are they called? :)