Oh these cloudy days...

Pic by www.fotolog.net/misscapricho

Remember all those juices I made on Monday? Since I've been sick I haven't had the strength to go through a detox and I don't know if I wasted money by juicing so much. Lesson learned, next time I won't buy as much produce and won't juice all at once.

But I've been in bed this whole week. And tomorrow I won't be able to go to my sister in law's baby shower and my future sister in law's bridal shower! I'm so sad!

In the mean time, I wrote on my journal and worked on a few pages. Now I am out of magazines to clip and I am having withdrawals.

I hope I didn't show you these already!

I know I have been saying "tomorrow will be day 1" and I want to say that even though I didn't fast I had 1-2 juices a day and 1-2 meals a day. So 50% juicing. I will report back tomorrow night to tell you how it went.


Sarah Gonzales said...

I freakin' love the watercolor artwork.

Lula Fernandez said...

I know!!! She's my fav artist of this time