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I have tons of boards on Pinterest, and some I never go to. Recently I did a cleanup of certain boards that were out of season for my life. A lot of the times, I don't have time -or patience- to pin and categorize what I see and I like so I hit the "heart" button" that takes the pin to the Likes category. Often times I go back and categorize them but other times they stay there. That doesn't mean that those aren't things that inspire me, or that I love to look at. You know that phrase a picture is worth a thousand words? That's what has been going on with me lately. I like to look at things and suddenly they give me peace. For example, open, sunlit and clean environments. You've seen some of these collaged in my journal, maybe.

These a the things I have been loving on Pinterest, some are in a board, some are in "Likes"

Aviators: the main thing that gets my eye on this photo is probably the fuchsia background, as it's one of my favorite colors. I never thought aviators looked good on me but when I was in Argentina I tried my sister's aviators and I liked the way they look on me.

I have lost about 20 lbs from this picture, I should be posting a current photo soon.

Workout clothes: I don't know why I am loving these so much. I used to think you shouldn't need to dress fancy to sweat, you're going to ruin the garment anyway, but it is true what they say that if you have fun workout outfits you're more motivated to exercise!

 Fitsmo (fit inspiration)/thinspo (thin inspiration): always good  to have handy. I would add that your stress reliever should be God first.
from and more here
 Beautiful rooms and things: nuff said.
Photo credit here 
 Summer outfits I wish to pull off soon.
 Those, want.
 This printable of Argentina: $40 here  The funny thing about this map is that it has only 3 cities featured in it: Buenos Aires, the capital, Bariloche, my favorite, and then Corrientes,which is not a main city, or featured normally but I happen to have family from there, my great grand father was born there and he founded a newspaper. Isn't that funny they included it in this map?
 Casual outfits:
More workout gear:

 Swimsuit and fitspo/thinspo: I looooove this swim suit!!!
You can but it for less than $15 here
 I love this one too, and I would love to acheive that body as well.
You buy it for $40 here

And my ultimate favorite, which I might get once I achieve my goal weight: 
(this is also my dream figure, possible?)
$26!!!! Here

 Nikes: I am in love with these ones. In a perfect world I am sponsored and either get these for free or I have money to buy one color for each day of the week.
On sale here
My running shoes are similar to these ones but in gray/dark purple:
On sale here


Colorful things and rooms: I want to paint my walls that color. 
 I need to find a way to do this in our tiny apartment
 Yes, please.

 Uhmm more of the same? Yes.
 Want, but can't have. Why not? Because this is a bra-less dress and there's no way I can go bra-less. Any tips on how to pull this off with a DD on the front?
 And last, but not least: ME. Right. ME, soon. Lol. I need to print this and have it in the refrigerator door!

As I finished writing this I went to visit some of the blogs I followed and I read Domestic Fashioanista's latest posts titled "Where beauty comes from", where she cites the following passage from the Bible: "Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth. -1 Peter 3:3-4"

It made me think about this post, because of course by no means I want you to think or be encouraged to aim for outer beauty before or over inner beauty! Ashley, from Domestic Fashionista, says "While I may braid my hair and be a loud talker, I am being reminded of the true beauty that comes through gentleness, peaceful living, and working on my inner self. Sometimes I have to put on some mild music, do something creative, and center my heart. But when I do this I begin to believe - that true beauty is from within and streams from the heart" This is so true! So while I try to eat healthy and work out to give my body the love and respect it deserves and needs to thrive, I can't keep my eyes from the One who made me beautiful on the inside and I need to strive every day to keep that beauty clean and pure and water those fruits like love, gentleness, kindness, patience, self control. I wrote on my journal today: "i want the Fruits of The Spirit to be like flowers on my skin, I want them to be bright red, turqiouse, purple and fuchsia. I want them to be shiny, and to smell nice at all times". We can only be shiny, beautiful and with a delicious aroma if we fed our spirit with the right things.

What are your favorite things you want to have this summer? Do you find a lot of your wants on Pinterest? Do you have any fitspo/thinspo pictures or quotes that keep you going?

**Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing the webpages I link to the products. I find these products on Pinterest and I am only linking them to the source url. Please be aware of website safety and reputation before you purchase anything from said websites. Thank you!


Sarah Gonzales said...

My favorite part about this post was the beautiful ending about the fruits of the spirit. :) Good stuff.

Lula Fernandez said...

Aw thanks