It's been nine days of a modified juice fast I've been doing. By modified I mean tailored to my needs and what's worked for me in the past. I've done 2 modified juice fasts, one for 8 and one for 12 days and in both I allowed myself to eat certain things, like dates, avocado, a banana here and there, and some raw veggies. Olives and hummus on occasion. On both times I lost 10 lbs, so as I am doing this for weight loss purposes, I figured I can do it. I know I can't proudly i did a 100% juice fast, but maybe some day I will.

  • Apples - 2 medium 
  • Celery - 3 stalk, large 
  • Orange (peeled) - 1 fruit 
  • Pears - 2 medium 
  • Sweet Potato - 1 sweetpotato
The detox symptoms are still there because I am doing a raw diet reboot. After day 4 I start feeling amazing!

I want to share two recipes with you. One, Creamsicle, has been one of my favorites from and the other one is an improv recipe I put together with veggies I had at home.

Cucumber, spinach, cantaloupe and pineapple

Let me know if you make these and what you think of them! Oh and I will weigh in soon and let you know the progress this week!

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