What to do on sunny days

I am reading outside sitting in our aswesome wooden patio furniture we bought in collaboration with my two lovely neighbors. Today is a beautiful day! Let me tell you how the events have unfolded thus far:

Woke up super drowsy at 7:30 and texted Carlie to make some extra coffee for me.
Will woke up at the same time, I nursed him and left him in our bed to sleep with daddy.
I strolled into Carlie's apartment at 8:10 and we had coffee until 8:45, got Will, and we went on a "run". Today was mostly walking because we had been slacking due to diverse circumstances. First I was in Arizona for over a week and then I sprained my ankle, who, by the way, it's still a little swollen.
When we came back home we were both exhausted. I think I was withdrawling from all the gluten/carb/sugar diet I indulged of during the weekend. I couldn't keep my eyes open so after feeding Will breakfast we all went to sleep, and slept like 3 hours!
I woke up and I made food for hubby and baby, and urged them to go to the park. I did a Body Rock workout! Luckily, it was arms today so not too challenging.

I was feeling really weird health wise, like I say, probably detoxoing all that stuff I put in. Now I hear Will's voice approaching, the boy are back from the park!
I am sitting here sipping into a juice that tastes of beet, mostly, but it's one of the ones I made yesterday (I didn't labeled them this time, surprise).

Overall, even though I didn't do much around the house, it was a productive day in the "juicing and fitness aspect of it".

I want to make a post about the workout outfits I got for not much money (all money is some money :P) But I also want to say that after the run today I went on Pinterest and coveted a lot of Lululemon pieces of clothing (why do they exist?)

The pieces I got at Ross and Walmart are adorable, but I can't help but wanting a few of Lululemom's pants.
 Some of my favorites:

Aren't these cute??

Also, as I was crying over my keyboard looking at these, I stumbled upon an article by Skinny mom (I don't know why I am advertising Lululemon and other people as they don't pay my bills nor they send me free stuff.... but in a perfect world...), titled "Just because it's not Lululemon doesn't mean it's not cute". These were my favorites from the ones she listed, unfortunately, they're not on stock anymore, but all of the, were half the price of the LLL ones.

The ones I bought at Ross were $14.99 each! I will show you tomorrow! I promise.

How's your juicing day going?

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Sarah Gonzales said...

We have one of those Lululemon shops in Clovis...I don't even step foot in that place because I know I could probably only afford a sticker or something. haha Yay for Ross!