Will's smiles - 20 months

William turned 20 months on the 30th of May! This update is of course, a little late considering he will be 21 months in 11 days! That gives me only 3 months to plan his 2nd birthday partayy! how did that happen?

Anyway, I was outside one day reading while he played and as soon as I started taking pictures of my journal this happened:
What? You're taking pics? 

And me? Here I am!!

Look! I am doing my signature arm move!

I was sick for a week and he came to cheer me up!

But behind that innocent smile... there's a boy who loves to get into everything!! Lately he's obsessed opening and closing our printer, the cd and dvd cases and takes them out and hides them in places. He also opens all cabinets and takes everything out, opens the oven, puts things inside, puts things inside our air purifier. The other day I took it apart and I found a Sony picture camera, a loreal blush (my favorite that got destroyed) and a pen!
 But even though he's exploring and doing things he shouldn't, he's learning what's right and wrong and he's such a sweet boy!
and I am one happy mama, and weird looking one!


Sarah Gonzales said...

He's perf.

Lalu Fernández said...

He's the best. How is it, how did we allow it, that you left Buenos Aires without me doing a photoshoot of him???

Lula Fernandez said...

lalu, it's all your fault!