In Argentina, we usually don't make chicken empanadas with curry. 

However, I learned this recipe when I was working at an Argentinian restaurant in Hollywood, where they made curried chicken empanadas, and I loved them! The other night I noticed I had all the ingredients to make them and got inspired and whipped them up for my hubby (hence this photos, not that I take amazing photos anyway :P) My 21 month old wasn't too keen on the new spice flavor right away, he devoured them only the following day!


This is where it gets tricky here in the US. I get the pre made rounds from a market called "Ranchito" in Westminster or the Huntington Beach Farmer's Market.
They could look like this:

 If you can, get these ones (the one on the left is more like puff pastry feel, which I prefer)
For those in South Orange County, you can get them at Villa Roma Market, on La Paz and Mcintyre. 
Other market like Hispanic or Middle Easter ones usually carry them as well. If not, here's an easy recipe to make them yourself. 

 1 lb of chicken
1/2 garlic clove or more to taste
1 green bell pepper
1 large yellow onion
Olive oil
1 tbsp of curry powder
2 tbsp of half and half
1 egg for egg wash

How to:

Sautee the minced garlic and chopped (cubed) onion and pepper until soft. Add the chicken. The chicken should be cubed as small as possible and you may cut it with a spoon as it cooks, like I did. Cook chicken thorough and add the half and half and curry powder. When it's all mixed put in the fridge to cool off. After about 30 mins (you may skip this step if dough is room temperature, otherwise, if it's cold the hot mix will break the dough)

Have a bowl of water close to you.
Separate each dough round and place on your palm. Place a spoonful of chicken filling on the center of dough. Place your fingers on the water and dab on the borders of the dough so that it closes well. Close dough in half so that it looks like a half moon and then, you can either do the famous repulgue
Here's a video how:

or you can place the empanada on the counter and with a fork, seal the borders.
Thank you my MyColombianRecipes for the picture. 

If you have a kitchen brush, use it to brush the egg wash on top of the empanadas after you place them on a lightly greased pan. Bake in the oven for 25 mins or until golden at 350. Enjoy!

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