I wanted to share with you some of these things I have been using and enjoying courtesy of fellow bloggers who are amazing!

The first idea, these DYI paper clips with washi tapes, I discovered at Belinda Selene's blog. She's so talented and creative! Check this post for more ideas on DYIs for your planner or journal.

The second idea are free printables! I got them from three different sites:

1) Belinda Selene's, click here to download it.
Photo from Belinda Selene

2) Vintage Glam Studio has pages and pages of printables that are adorable! Examples:

Vintage Glam Studio
3) Beautiholics Annonymous has two sets of different kind of printables, motivational, fashion and biblical. Make sure to check for both her posts!

Photo from Beautiholics Annonymous

I went to nearest Fedex Kinkos and printed them there. Each color pages is $.59 plus taxes.

There are tons of free and very affordable thingys to decorate your planner or journal online! I found most of these on Pinterest!

This is what I did with the Tiffany and Co. spread plus a few elements extra:

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Hope these freebies are useful!

What do you use to decorate your planner or journal? Got any freebies to recommend for me?

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