Hello guys!

I am so happy to say that I have some weight loss to report! When I first wrote this post a few days back I hadn't but now I am sooo thrilled to edit it and update it to some change!!!! Woohooo! At first, between being sick and recovering (what an excuse, but it's true!) I haven't been super active. I went jogging maybe three times last week. After being in bed for a whole week, I still was having a reoccurring sore throat it's been hard to wake up early and put on the work first thing in the morning.
Good thing is that I didn't go crazy with what I ate. I kept it pretty clean!

I did 9 days of a modified juice fast and to my dismal I didn't lose weight (I was also on that time of the month, TMI). Anyway, took a break for 2 days and had some treats, but doing exercise those days! The key is balance! 
Now I am back at the regime hoping this week I can see some decrease in body mass! When I went to weight in this morning I was down 6 lbs! And I broke the 00 in the scale! (Should I say how much? Ugh embarrassing!)

I have been working on my regular journal mostly BUT my #weightlossjournal is not forgotten! I actually finished decorating this one and I started another one! Like I know I will need those pages! I hope they motivate you too to start a journal of your own if you think it might motivate you to keep eating clean and working out!

Finding a workout buddy is super important! You don't really need to pay a lot of money in gym memberships, but if that works for you then keep at it!

Here are a few resources for you to exercise and not spend a lot of money:

1) Find a workout buddy and go jogging, walking, hiking

Hiking in the mountain is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world! I wish there were more mountains where I am. There are trails that hopefully I will be exploring soon, but we're close to the beach (I'm not complaining) so the trails are more open. 

This is an online community of trainers and people around the world that train with their FREE videos. I have been working out with them for a long time, when I lost 30 lbs before I got pregnant. Their workouts can go from 12-30 minutes (sometimes longer) and you can squeeze them anytime in your day. You don't need to dress up, get out, drive, etc. You can work out in the comfort of your living room. 

I showed this page before but I added that upper girl swinging on a rope. We can't forget to be happy. 

She's a super charismatic and upbeat trainer and she posts short videos to do at home. Some at area focused like arms, love handles, etc and other ones are full body circuits. She also has some dance vids, this is one of my favorites:

4) Daily bread of health and fitness motivation. Blogs like: Fit Mommy Diaries. She's very motivational, had an interesting journal becoming a healthy person and she gives really good advice and posts recipes and workouts. 

I hope this helps!! If you already have a method on working out and keeping a good routine, share it down below in the comments!


Sarah Gonzales said...

I've been doing 30 days of Yoga online, and I am loving it! Today is supposed to be ab day, so I'm not too excited about that...but I'm still going to do it! :)p Your workout journal is awesome, and congrats on the weightloss!

Lula Fernandez said...

Yoga is so good! Thank you! :)