Hi guys! I received a lot of good feedback regarding my Kate Spade inspired Planner stickers and the Pineapple and Flamingo ones, so I thought of doing another spread with beautiful images. They're not necessarily a theme, so you might want to use them in different layouts or you might want to use them in a weekly or monthly layout. If you're an experienced planner there's not much i can tell you, you know the drill. More than me.

You can download it Here!

If you see my Instagram pictures of my planner you will notice that I am still getting the hang of it. There are so many planner "nerds" out there like they like to be called and so much inspiration that at the beginning is hard to find one's own style. Like I love what I do on my journal (#creativejournal, lol) but on my planner? I am still discovering who I am if that makes any sense. Vintage Glam Studio has beautiful planner stickers that fit the Erin Condren's layout but my planner has smaller boxes so it's hard to feel like those stickers are for me, and it makes me want to get an Erin Condren's planner even though they are more than $50 dollars. Dru from Vintage Glam Studio suggested the Happy Planner and I checked it out and it's about $21 which is not a huge damage. I am working on two Target planners right now and kind of learning the ropes. I need to make sure that I will take this seriously before I put more money into it, you know what I mean? No point in printing stickers and having a $21 or $50 planner if it just lays there unused. Phew, didn't mean to rant, just sharing my thoughts about this new adventure I am in.
I gotta say I love the planner community. It's filled with very creative and happy people that love to share what they're passionate about!

Well I hope you enjoy these stickers and comment below if you'd like me to do a theme in particular!

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