I have to admit I am partially biased to Loreal Products because they were the firsts ones I got for myself. Before that, I either used my moms or didn't do make up at all! Crazy right? I didn't really know how to do my make up and always thought I looked like a clown when I tried. I did use some concelaer under my eyes and mascara to make my eyes pop. But other than that, I went make up free until I was 23. Some would say that's a good thing, some would say I didn't need it, but I really wanted to feel more "put together" and less "looking like a dead person".

Oh when I discovered blush! I felt like a princess!!

When I moved to the US I came with a cream foundation I used for under my eyes and once that was over I needed something else. One day I was walking around the Beverly Center Mall and I saw a huge Loreal store. I don't know if Loreal still has big stores but the girl there was super helpful and I bought my first True Match powder foundation. After that, I kept purchasing Loreal products.

Sometimes if I am at Target and I see a better price I will try it, like NYC liquid foundation or Garnier's. I still like them, but if I am using True Match powder C2, I will buy the same tone in liquid.

 Some of these pictures were taken a few years ago but I did the exact same routine I describe below:

So this is what I do. I don't have a 15 minute make up routine. You know when you go to You Tube looking for tutorials and all these talented girls spend 20 minutes doing their make you're like "ain't nobody got time for that!" I know, maybe we as women should make the time to look our best, but I truly don't like to over do  my face. My husband doesn't like it and I don't like heavy make up either.

This is my 5 minute every day routine:

I apply Loreal's True Match liquid foundation in C2 tone with a make up sponge. I also use W3 sometimes. And I apply it as an eye primer as well.
Then, with a brush, I apply the powder foundation in the same tone to set the previous one.

With a fatter blush I do my cheeks. Some people day to measure to finger tips from your nose to start blushing or do a rabbit face and do your cheekbones. I do my cheekbones with a bronze color like Loreal's True Match Barely Blushing. and then I do my cheeks, the part that gets chubby when I smile with a more rosy tone like Apricot Kiss. Recently I bought the tone "Rosy Outlook" but it might not be the right color for me because it's not very noticeable (unless in my bathroom light, I'll have to try it during the day).

For blushes I also like the NYC brand because they always have great deals at Target and CVS Pharmacy so if I am feeling (or have to be) frugal, I'll but that brand.

Lastly I do my eyelashes. I like Loreal's as well and I also use Wet 'n Wild

3 liter coke! Ahhhh

For every day, if I am running errands and taking Will to the park or library, I don't do my eyes. If I am going to a dinner party or something out but not super formal, I do a light tone of eye shadow or some pastel sparkly glitter and I might do some eye liner.

And lately I am also using some lip gloss. I am not a huge fan particularly because I like to kiss my boys all the time and lip gloss gets in the way.

There you have it, it's simple but still makes you look 'done up'. The other day I was with a friend and she said "you look great without make up!" and I replied: "I do have make up on!" "You could have fooled me!" she said. This is what I am going for! To look great but subtle, I really don't like think amounts of paint on my face!

A more recent shoot with same routine:

Hope this was helpful and please recommend any products you think I might benefit from!

(This post is not sponsored by Loreal, all opinions and recommendations are my own)

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