Doing these type of collages on my journal has been a great creative outlet for me. Let me know if you'd like to see the pages post written. I didn't think they'd be very appealing but I know I am only showing them before being spoiled. 
On another note, I have been second guessing myself a lot lately reading other bloggers and seeing what they do. A lot of them decorate their daily planners and it made me want to have a daily planner as well because they're more versatile,  in a way. I decorate my journal and then write on it, but I don't do anything after. Should I? I might try. I might get a daily planner because I've also noticed that I need to write things down, like shopping lists, to do lists, etc and if I write those lists on my journal they're hard to find after, hence the need for a planner. We'll see where this takes me...

So far, after 3 trips to Michael's and a trip to the Target Dollar Spot I should be pretty content with what I have to work with, even if I keep seeing more and more attractive washi tapes everywhere! (You can't never have enough washi tape right?). I wrote a letter yesterday for a new pen-pal I will have! It's very exciting to create something from your heart to someone. I will only take on this one person only because pen-paling can get expensive, and as some of you know, me and my hubby are on a strict budget because he's in full time school, in case you were wondering from past posts why i said I couldn't buy any one workout clothes, lol. It's ok.
Contentment is an inner state in where we are happy and at peace with our current situation regardless of what others are going through or have. It's very hard living in Orange County not to compare, especially with social media. You go online and people are always travelling, or acquiring new things, or they have more washi tapes than you, haha! Even the smallest things can creep in a feeling of discontent and leave wanting more and unhappy with what you have. That is so dangerous!
Gratefulness is to be practiced every day of our lives for what we're allowed to obtain and keep and we should remember that it's all temporary, that it's volatile and we don't get to take it to our grave. All that to say that even though I might be dying to visit the crafts stores I have to make due with what I bought in the recent trips and create the best I can create with what I have, after all, that's what creativity is all about right?

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Sarah Gonzales said...

They have more washi tapes than you! You're funny. :) I must say though, you made a fantastic point about taking none of this material stuff to our graves (thankfully!). My slight obsession is my fish tank, and it's easy to find myself looking at what other people have online and wanting it. Contentment requires an active mind that chooses to seek gratitude, and that's the beauty of His grace. He gives us the choice.