Since William was born we moved my hubby's study (to his dismal) into the living room but we left my desk in Will's room, hence, I wasn't working much in there. When I did, it was fun because Will would play in his room next to me, but other than that, I couldn't work once he went to bed or while he was napping. So we decided to move my desk next to my husbter, and he is really happy about that because I get to work next to him.

This is what it looks like right now, although is a work in progress still. I am gathering some ideas to decorate it. I took some from Bethany Mota's latest video on desk decor.
 I took some motivational images from Pinterest and printed them to frame.

 Oops the clipboard is crooked. I got the clipboard from the Target dollar spot and those wood frames from Ikea a long time ago! I decorated them with washi tapes.

 My growing art gallery with a new frame that I decorated and a calendar board.

 Close ups:

 This picture has Philipinas 3:14 written on it: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
 My washi collection and my two new planners. I customized the covers too!
 As the desk is whicker, I ordered a desk plastic protector from Target that is exactly the same size as my desk and it was lest than 7 bucks! I am in the search of cute wrapping paper to put underneath and give it some color. Or I could also give it a hand of paint, still undecided. What do you suggest?

 Here's my creative corner folks. I'll post updates as I see progress and growth.


Talita said...

Quedó re lindo, y él está al lado tuyo?

Lula Fernandez said...

si :)