"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."

I have been waiting anxiously to show you this letter I sent to my dear friend Jaime. She's been out of town for some time now and we love to send each other updates through snail mail. It's so much more fun and so exiting to see a letter from her in my mail box! I have two friends out of town and we do this.

Usually I use some of my cute stationary that I buy here and there, but this time I thought it was time to take it up a notch, considering I put a lot of love into the pages of my journal, why not put more love into the pages of a friendly letter?

Guess what? I still have pink envelopes from my wedding invitations order. I mush have ordered 500 envelopes and they're super cute. Sometimes I use them just to pay bills.

I measured a tri folded letter to fit into one of these envies and started pouring out the love. Quite literally because I hole punched little hearts and put them inside the envelope as well (and butterflies, of course)

Here's the finished product pre Lula's crazy handwriting.

My friend has a pug, and I reaaaally tried to find a dog somewhere, but I couldn't. I had to settle for pretty things for her.

Here's what it looks like after crazy handwriting (I also wrote in the back because I had a lot to say!)

I know what you're thinking: it looks better before wiring on it! Ha! I agree but that's the whole point! It's almost a present for us t be able to write on these pages!

Now I have to write a letter to Katie and send it to Texas! I almost feel like starting to think of who's out of town to be able to send these. Wait, I can send them to friends that I see every week, right?

I want to build a whole year of creative habits, based on Crystal Moody's project, where she committed to do 1 creative project per day. I will talk more about this on a future post but if you want to get more info visit Crystal Moody's website!


Lalu Fernández said...

I love them!

And I love those domino pieces in that picture!

And I love you

Sarah Gonzales said...
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Sarah Gonzales said...

Dat gold sharpie action! Cool beans.

Lula Fernandez said...

Thank you both girls! <3