I have a pen pal! Like a pen pal I don't know in person! Her name is Madison and I met her on Instagram. I had been looking at her feed and loved her style, and I just asked her if  we could exchange snail mail!

Pen paling can be expensive, especially if you have pen pals overseas and if you send goodies in your letters, so Madison will be my only pen pal for now, aside from Katie and Jaime who are out of town. For Madison I prepared a little care package with some crafting goodies and I made one of my collage type "designs". I don't know her much at all, but I noticed on her pictures that she does cool designs on her nails, that's why I included a clippping of nail polish. The rest I just went with clippings that I found pleasing like that show rack (who doesn't like shoes?) and those while flowers. I can't wait for her to get it!
 This is a letter I made for Katie, my friend who moved to Texas. She recently had a baby so I made sure I included some flowers. I also pasted a nice teal looking dining room that reminded me of her new house and more shoes and purses because we can't ever have too much. Oh, right up the first third of the letter's top right corner there's a girl running with a kite that totally reminded me of Kate's goofy and adventurous spirit.

I wrote another letter for my friend Miki but I forgot to take a picture! Silly me.

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