Hey all!

I have been drinking this green juice a lot, because it's one of my favorite recipes. If you are juicing or have juiced in the past you know just like me that it takes some time to get used to vegetable juices. Green juices are not usually delightful at the beginning but this one is! I think it's because of the parsley, call me crazy, but I do!

I took this recipe from like I have been doing lately but look out for more recipes of my own because something is cooking in this big head of mine.

I will be drinking tons of juice through this 4th of July weekend and this one is seriously super refreshing, not to mention amazing for you.

I did put one Lula's touch and it was the mint leaves, that were supossed to be only for garnish for the photo but they sank to the bottom and are giving a yummy minty flavor to the concoction as I sip it right now!

This is something funny that was on about this juice:

"Here's the hard to find recipe! Dr. Oz says he drinks this every morning, and so does Oprah. After Oprah tried this on the show, she was surprised how good it tasted, calling it a "glass of fresh!"

If you're here and you're new to juicing, you may find that this tastes a bit "earthy" because your taste buds may not be used to this whole thing. If that's the case, just add an extra apple or two to sweeten it up"

Apples - 2 medium (3" dia) 364g
Celery - 3 stalk, large (11"-12" long) 192g
Cucumber - 1 cucumber (8-1/4") 301g
Ginger Root - 1/2 thumb (1" dia) 12g
Lemon (with rind) - 1/2 fruit (2-3/8" dia) 42g
Lime (with rind) - 1 fruit (2" dia) 67g
Parsley - 1 bunch 150g
Spinach - 2 cup 60g

Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.
I will add this though, it tastes way better cold, so I would leave it in the fridge for a few hours (I know it's better to drink right away) or serve over ice.

Enjoy and stay cool and Happy Birthday America!


Sarah Gonzales said...

I offer my babysitting services for a glass of juice and/or mate with you. haha Looks good, but I must say that I would not be used to the earthy taste.

Lula Fernandez said...

Oh my that is not even a good deal for you!! I'll take it though, I'll give you one mate per hour of babysitting, hahaha kidding :)